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My daughter had been seeing Dr. Sunil Sinha for a few years in preparation for a double jaw reconstructive surgery that she needed due to a very severe underbite that braces would never fix. We were first referred to Dr. Sinha when my daughter was in 8th grade by her orthodontist. Dr. Sinha immediately knew she needed the surgery and informed us that she still had several years to wait until he could perform the surgery as she was still growing and in order for the surgery to be a success he had to wait until her jaw/skull was finished growing. Fast forward to 2014 when my daughter was a Senior in High School and the time had finally come for the surgery.

Dr. Sunil Sinha performed a double jaw surgery on December 23, 2014, at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn and my daughter had this done during Christmas break. I cannot begin to say how pleased we are with the entire procedure from start to finish. Dr. Sinha very carefully and thoroughly explained all the possible things that could go wrong during the surgery and that she might have some permanent nerve damage in her mouth/chin area but the chances were very minimal that would happen as he had never had that happen to any of his surgery patients before, but it was a possibility. Dr. Sinha was always very thorough with us on all visits and he really did a great job of prepping us mentally for the surgery and what to expect. This surgery was a big deal and very extensive. My daughter was in surgery for approximately four and a half hours. Her upper jaw was broken/cut and moved forward a few centimeters and held in place with metal screws and plates, then the lower jaw was cut and several centimeters were removed and the jaw was held in place with screws and plates. Dr. Sinha was able to successfully do this surgery without needing to wire her jaws shut as is common with this surgery. He used the braces that were already on and held the jaw together with the rubber bands placed on the braces.

My daughter recovered very quickly from this surgery and with little need for pain medication which is amazing having both jaws broken and reset with screws and plates, she was on vicodin for the first 7 days and after that she did not need anymore pain meds at all, she followed his instructions for post op healing and we also used some homeopathic remedies to help with swelling and bruising and she did not have any bruising at all. The swelling was very minimal compared to others that had the surgery that we were following across the US on Youtube videos. Many people were swollen for several weeks and months following this type of reconstructive jaw surgery but my daughter healed very quickly.

Dr. Sunil Sinha is an amazing Oral Surgeon and there are very few Surgeons out there that perform this kind of surgery. He is very nice, takes his time with surgery patients and really knows what he is doing.

My daughter is now 8 months post op and she looks simply amazing, the surgery was medically necessary as it did impact her chewing and swallowing and also she had some very severe TMJ pain and locking and poping of her jaws frequently, but also the cosmetic factor and how her jaw looked before surgery were emotionally devastating to her as her peers were pretty cruel in school and she was teased quite a bit due to her severe underbite.

Dr. Sunil Sinha is one of the best reconstructive jaw surgeons around and I have seen his results first hand. If anyone is seriously needing this surgery please don’t hesitate to contact me and I have no problem sharing before and after photos of my daughter with you.


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It had been years since I’d been to the dentist and decided to be more proactive in my oral health. I had just started going to another dentist in the South Loop of Chicago. Not really knowing any better, I pretty much gave them free rein to fix all problems I had on my first visit, not realizing that those very services would exhaust all of my dental benefits. After those services, it was then brought to my attention that I would need to get my top wisdom teeth pulled because one had a cavity. They were going to charge me $900 to extract both because they would need to put me under to pull my tooth out. At the time my wisdom teeth were not bothering me, so I declined to get them removed right away and would wait until next year when my benefits renewed.

Of course, I started having problems with one of my wisdom teeth a few months later. That’s when I went to a different dentist (Dr. Kapur) who offered a free consultation to check out my teeth and recommended me to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Chicago. After reading online reviews, I decided to give them a shot after having some severe pain. They got me in the very next day with Dr. Malik. Thinking that it was going to be this dramatic surgery like the other place made me to believe, I was in and out of the office within 30 minutes – most of the time spent numbing my mouth.

The staff was really kind and Dr. Malik was fast and efficient. I would definitely recommend anyone who needs such procedures to visit their office.


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Finding an oral surgeon that takes your insurance and has an opening and doesn’t have sketchy reviews is hard!!  But this place is AMAZING!  My wife had a tooth removed.  Normally dentists have to inject her several times to properly numb her.  Not this Dr.  ONE needle numbed her perfectly.  The removal took like 10 maybe 15 minutes but was done expertly as far as we can tell because she appears to be healing very well.  Even the swish/rinse he uses is medicated!  Sent her home with a script for pain and a rinse.

I have found that many dentist offices here in Chicago have some pretty rude staff.  Not this one!  Everyone was so nice and patient and answered all of our questions.


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I absolutely LOVE Dr. Sinha and his staff. If anyone can vouch for his professionalism and care for his patients it is me. I’ve had a biopsy, teeth extraction, tumor removal, and reconstructive surgery of the jaw-bone graph, hip graph, and cadaver bone. I’ve also had some implant rods placed in and even some more work done because I had a small fracture a few months ago from an accident. I’ve had ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN during this experience although I’ve had this unfortunate situation happen to me I am beyond blessed to have the WORLD’S BEST ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON!!!! Once again NO PAIN in all 5 of my surgeries… didn’t even have to take my pain medicine. May The Great Spirit/God/Goddess continue to bless his mind, body, spirit, and Hands!!! He is truly the BEST!!!


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On 7/30/18 they fitted me in after my dentist ruled I needed my wisdom teeth out ASAP. I called the Orland Park location and even though they were booked they were willing to meet with me. The front desk staff was helpful and welcoming during my visit. I met with Dr. Harshiv J. Vyas to discuss my treatment place. After the meeting, we were looking at the earliest dates to get them out. Dr. Harshiv J. Vyas ended up having an opening the next day and was willing to drive to that location just to perform the surgery. So 7/31/18 I had my surgery and EVERYONE WAS AMAZING! Dr. Harshiv J. Vyas let me pick out music to listen to and talked to me before I was put under. Later that night, Dr. Harshiv J. Vyas called to check how everything was going. I had very little bleeding, swelling, and no bruising. Fast Forward a week to my check-up, Dr. Harshiv J. Vyas carefully checked the areas and answered all questions I had. I never felt rushed and he told me if I had any questions I could call him at any time. I would highly recommend for any oral surgery needs.


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This place is incredible. The doctors, the staff, and EVERYONE keys in on providing a patient experience that is nothing less than stellar. So the reader may be thinking, yeah right, things are supposed to go well, but what if they don’t? Admittedly, I experienced a not-so-good employee encounter after my initial consultation, which led to my feeling of total dissatisfaction, and that’s when the true essence of this client experience kicked in. They didn’t hesitate to meet the issue head-on, and provide resolution to what I felt was a problem. Again, the ENTIRE team seemed to have gone out of their way to prove that was a one-off, and not representative of who they are as an organization.

You want a team of oral professionals who are OPEN, honest, detailed, and caring? Look no further! I’ve NEVER experienced such a THOROUGH group at all levels of the organization. They aren’t afraid to have difficult conversations and leverage every encounter to consult with a full explanation of what to expect from the work to be done. Consider me a patient for life and I AM HAPPY TO REFER EVERYONE requiring oral work and confident enough to take dental referrals for work they are unable to complete.

As I lay in my bed following a procedure this morning, I felt compelled to deliver these words and say THANKS TO DR. MALIK, DR. VYAS, AND YOUR TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS for a phenomenally awesome patient experience!!!!!