Virtual Consultation

In certain situations we may be able do a Virtual Consultation. Our goal is to provide our patients with an efficient and comfortable way to meet the doctor and see if your a candidate for a surgical procedure. In order to facilitate this we need our patients to be able to provide some information that will help your surgeon make some decisions. Please call our office and speak with our staff to see if this is possible for you. If you are a candidate for a virtual consult, below if a list of thing that you will need to do.

1. Patient Registration: Please fill this form out on our website. This is the paper work that is usually filled out when you first arrive at the office.  It will include you health information and your medical and dental insurance information.

2. Dental Referral: often your general dentist will fill out a referral sheet to take to your surgeon. 

3. X-ray: if your dentist took an xray, we will need a digital copy to help the surgeon decide how to proceed.

4. Facetime/Skype/Zoom: we currently use these applications to perform the virtual consult. Please let use know your preference.  

5 Dental and Medical Insurance cards: