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Why Patients Depend on Oral Surgeons

Oral surgery is any type of surgery involving the teeth, gums, jaw, oral cavity, and surrounding facial structure. Chicago area patients who need any kind of dental surgery, from simple extractions to complex dental reconstruction, depend on the skills of an oral surgeon to ensure dependable, positive results. An oral surgeon regularly performs complicated procedures not typically performed by general dentists.

Your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon any time you need teeth extracted, surgery on the jawbone or gums, or restructuring of the bones and tissues of the mouth or face. These referrals are made because oral surgeon has years of extensive training beyond their dental degree.

Immersive training in a wide range of surgical procedures for congenital and developmental jaw deformities, facial trauma, dentoalveolar surgery, facial and dental infections, oral pathology, and dental restoration is central to becoming an oral surgeon. These are all dental issues general dentists do not perform regularly and which require specialized training found only in oral surgery residencies.

Oral Surgery Services at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Chicago

Our oral surgery team consists of several oral surgeons, each with exceptional skills in specific areas, allowing us to provide our patients with the full scope of surgical care. Our services include:

These services are backed by our oral surgeons’ years of experience and training. To protect our patients’ health and ensure quick recovery, we use the latest advancements in healing, wound care, and grafting, including bone morphogenic protein, platelet-rich plasma, and Exparel.

Oral Surgeon Frequently Asked Questions


Why Can’t My Dentist Extract My Wisdom Teeth?

Some dentists are comfortable removing wisdom teeth, but most are not. The procedure is an invasive surgery requiring specific skills and involving issues such as bleeding, sinus issues, infection, and potential nerve damage. Complications may arise that a dentist does not typically deal with. An oral surgeon regularly performs wisdom teeth surgery and can perform the procedure safely, efficiently, and with minimal risk of complications. Oral surgeons can also offer a full array of anesthesia options for your comfort.

Why Should an Oral Surgeon Place My Dental Implants?

Yes, an oral surgeon typically performs dental implant surgery. Although some dentists perform implant surgery, the Journal of the American Dental Association indicates that dental implant surgery is more likely to succeed if performed by an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons regularly perform dental implant surgery and have greater training in the latest techniques for minimally invasive placement. They also utilize the latest technologies for precision placement, including YOMI robotic surgery. They are adept at managing potential complications that a general dentist may not be comfortable handling.

What Kind of Anesthesia is Available from an Oral Surgeon?

One of the most significant advantages of having an oral surgeon perform your dental surgery is your anesthesia options. Most patients are anxious about oral surgery and worry about potential pain. Oral surgeons are trained in using everything from local anesthetics to general anesthesia. They can administer any form of anesthesia without having to refer you to a hospital setting. Our surgical suites are fully equipped to use all forms of anesthesia, including IV sedation and other options.

Is Oral Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Dental insurance covers most oral surgery procedures partially or fully if deemed medically necessary. Cosmetic surgery is considered elective and is not covered by insurance. We will review coverage with you and are happy to help ensure you have the highest coverage possible for your procedure.

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