Chicago’s Robotic Dental Implant Surgery: YOMI

Introducing YOMI: Revolutionizing Dental Implant Surgery with Robotic Precision

When it comes to dental implant surgery, precision is paramount. Enter YOMI, the cutting-edge robotic dental implant system that is transforming the field of dentistry. Developed by Neocis, YOMI combines advanced technology with the expertise of skilled dental professionals to deliver unparalleled results.

YOMI acts as a trusted assistant, assisting our oral surgeons in planning and executing implant procedures with exceptional accuracy. By integrating 3D imaging, robotic guidance, and haptic technology, YOMI enables dentists to create precise treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy.

With YOMI, the implant placement process becomes more efficient, predictable, and minimally invasive. The robotic arm aids dentists in achieving the ideal position and depth for the implants, resulting in improved stability and long-term success.

Patient safety and comfort are at the core of YOMI’s design. By reducing surgical time and optimizing implant positioning, YOMI enhances patient outcomes and minimizes post-operative complications. Furthermore, the system’s real-time feedback ensures that dentists can make immediate adjustments as needed.

YOMI represents a new era in dental implant surgery, combining human expertise with robotic precision. With this innovative technology, patients can confidently embark on their journey towards a healthier, more confident smile.

The future is now. Yomi is a robotic machine that helps surgeons achieve the best results. One of our missions is to provide the most advanced care in Chicago and anywhere in the world. For this reason, we have added Yomi to our practice. We are the first in Chicago to use this robot on our patients. The additional precision that Yomi adds is exactly the level of care our patients deserve.

Watch Dr. Sinha’s Fox News interview all about how impressive the Yomi can be for your oral health and smile! 

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